This virtual home of P.E.N. Television will provide you information about our network, our mission, and our vision collectively, which is to make a mark in the lives of teens that cannot be erased. P.E.N. Television understands the challenges of poverty, gang violence, drug abuse, and crime that is easily trying to beset our next generation of leaders. Therefore, we have established a new cable television network that is committed to broadcasting positive entertainment and news targeting our teen viewing audience. We have uniquely engineered a programming format to respond to the clarion call made by educators and college presidents to help shape the future of our nation. Employing education as our chief weapon and television as our conduit, our aim is to dismantle the negative strongholds seeking to paralyze the academic, leadership, and entrepreneurial potential of our future leaders.


Our newly established television network has identified the need to equip our youth for global interaction. We recognize that America must invest in its most precious resources, our youth, who will be entrusted with the responsibility of protecting America's future: improving social conditions, solve global warming issues; and charting the economic and political course for our nation. America’s ability to compete or transact globally will be dependent upon the skill-set level and competency of its labor force. This is why P.E.N. Television has pioneered an educational television network for teens. Our ambition is to air educational and entertaining programming content that will be both progressive and constructive as we partner with parents, educators, and concerned citizens, to transform this generation of youth into responsible and highly educated adults.


Our programming is structured around issues affecting teens:

  • Teen News & Sports
  • Community Service
  • Teen Businesses
  • College Outlook
  • Financial Literacy
  • Teen Spotlight


And much more…...