P.E.N. Television Inc. is a domestic corporation registered in the State of New York. We are an educational television network committed to broadcasting positive entertainment and news that promises to develop, prepare, and empower our teen population for global leadership.

P.E.N. Television Inc. was established in 2003 as a solution to address many of the communal problems that plague America’s teen population. Recognizing there was an imminent need for positive role models, positive entertainment, and positive influences in the lives of our youth, we chose television as the medium to expose them to constructive programming content that would inspire dreams, renew hope, and promote prosocial behavior. Subsequently, we integrated an educational component that develops social and cognitive skills and emphasizes academic excellence through our diversified television programming content.

P.E.N. Television Inc. envisions meeting the educational needs of diverse learners: ESL students, those with special needs, and rural and urban underprivileged students. Our network has uniquely fused technology, innovation, and education to connect, engage, and entertain every learner. Through formative research, formative evaluation, content creation, and production, our programming will provide each student with an opportunity to experience equal access to a quality education. We have unwaveringly committed to using teenED.TV network channel as a battering ram to demolish the strongholds of education inequalities, apathy, status quo, and illiteracy: the social ills impeding the academic and social advancement of our teens. Every child deserves access to a quality education. Access to a quality education is essential to improving the lives of every student. A quality education will unlock many doors to opportunities. A quality education will be their anti-poverty mechanism.


P.E.N. Television Inc. would like to invite parents, teachers, and concerned citizens to join our efforts in securing the future of this country. Let's educate our teens.