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P.E.N.'s Helpful Heart Outreach

P.E.N.'s HELPFUL HEART INC.: The philanthropic arm of P.E.N. Television Inc., an educational television network created for youth, is dedicated to empowering educators, encouraging teens, and supporting public libraries. P.E.N.'s Helpful Heart Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) tax exempt corporation. We serve at-risk youth and disadvantaged and underrepresented adolescents in metropolitan and rural areas through prevention and intervention programs. Through our book drives and school supply initiatives, we support public libraries and educators with resources to equip the next generation of leaders.

Project Unique: A volunteer project organized to help make autism a national priority by supporting local & national autism programs and increasing awareness of autism.

Project Whole: Our Teen Health & Wellness Initiative that promotes a healthy lifestyle amongst the youth population, which includes eating nutritiously, health basics, emotional-wholeness, and alcohol & drug abuse prevention.

M2 Graduation Initiative: An Education Initiative created through our partnership with PREP ONE to help reduce the high school dropout rate, increase the number of minority males that will enroll in college and graduate; and reduce the percentage of teens populating juvenile detention facilities.

Financial Literacy Initiative: A Wealth Creation Initiative designed to help teens develop their God-given talents, learn financial literacy concepts & principles, and understand wealth creation and money management techniques.

“Read to Succeed” Literacy Initiative: An Initiative created to help inner-city libraries build their children and teen book collections with donated [used & new] books from quarterly-sponsored book drives. Our focus is to encourage reading.

MA-SCI Initiative: A math and science Initiative aimed at helping our youth learn & explore science standards and understand mathematical concepts, while encouraging careers respectively.

Operation S2: Also known as our “School Supply” Initiative, was established to donate school materials and resources to educators and students who lack basic school items (i.e., paper, pencils, glue, etc.,). Our focus is to provide necessary supplies for classroom learning.